customized by grykom

Printed parts

Direct Drive

With 5015 fan / BL touch / Pancake motor - motor in back remix

Thingiverse.com Motor in back Remix

Z axis Stabilizer / Dual Z

With 608zz bearing


Rear Electronics Case



Z Axis bar wire guide

With LED Rail


Petsfang Bowden - OLD

With 2x5015 fans / BL touch



Printer - Creality 3D Ender 3

official store

Dragon Mosquito style hot-end - New

Trianglelab clone / Standard flow

E3D v6 PTFE-Lining 24V - Old

Trianglelab clone + 2x5015 blower fans

T-V6 nozzles 0.4mm


Pancake motor Nema 17 for DirectDrive

Sunon 5015 Cooling Fan 24V

extremely quiet - I recommend it!

BMG extruder

Trianglelab clone

3DTouch Auto Bed Leveling

Trianglelab clone

3x MGN12H 300mm + 2x MGN12H 350mm

Linear Rail guide + carriage

SKR 1.3 Control Board 32bit

Big Tree Tech

5x TMC2208 v3.0

Big Tree Tech

Dual Z

Creality Nema17 Stepper Motor 42-34
Creality T8 lead Screw 370mm
Z-axis Plate for CR10S
5/8mm Coupler
(for SKR 1.3) TMC2208
(For stock board) Motor Parallel Module For Dual Z


Silicone spacers for bed
POM Lead Screw - Pitch 2mm Lead 8mm
Belt Tensioner - Y Axis
Belt Tensioner - X Axis
SilentiumPC Zephyr 60mm / 70mm step down @12V/14V
SUNON 40mm 40x40x20 EE40201S2-999-A @10V
PTFE Tube 1.75mm Trianglelab
GT2 Belt Pulley 6mm 20 teeth Mellow

Rasperry Pi 3B + Logitech C270

Octoprint with Klipper software

My Top upgrades

Part Impact Most impact on... Value for money
Dragon Mosquito style hot-end Print quality
E3D v6 PTFE-Lining 24V Print quality
Glass bed + BL Touch Perfect first layer + adhesion
Direct Drive + BMG + pancake motor Print quality, retraction control
Linear Rails Stability, rigidity
Linear Rails without Dual-Z Print quality
Linear Rails with Dual-Z Print quality
SKR 1.3 Control Board 32bit + quiet fans Slience
Raspberry pi + Octoprint + Klipper Control print jobs

Prusa Slicer settings


Witam ponownie, ostatnio przestawiłem się na klippera i widzę że ma Pan podobną konfigurację drukarki do mojej. Mógłby się Pan podzielić plikiem printer.cfg?

Cześć, podeślij mi maila, odeślę config

Lovely stuff.

Hey great setup you got there. I just ordered a Dragon hotend so that I can print higher temperature plastics but also because I really like their engineering combining the mosquito and the v6. Have you had any experience printing more exotic filaments? Also I read it is preferable to mount it without the v6 adapter that it comes with so that is more reliable. Have you tried different mounts?

Keep up the good work.

Hello Michael, thanks :)
From exotic filaments I printed only PP (Polypropylene) and there were no problems.
For dragon i used all parts, you can see second picture in gallery. And I'm glad you bought it - you will be very happy with it :)

Hi! Cool site, thanks for sharing :)

I am new to 3d printing and am trying to set up the dragon hotend to bmg clone direct. I am having trouble with the ptfe tube that goes into the hotend and meets with the bmg. I'm not sure if i just have a wierd clkne but mine has the v6 adapter slot and where the ptfe tube is supposed to be seated is a countersink/bore(not sure if I am using correct term) that is smaller than the ptfe tubing. I belive the tube OD is 4mm and this is 3mm? If you could share how you installed yours and length of ptfe used that would be a great help to me and I am sure other people who have no experience or just need help. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome thanks for sharing your brilliant work

Congratulations on such a great job done to your printer and thank you for making the information about it open, it inspired me to attempt some upgrades to my own printer!

If I may ask, did you go for the DIY or UART version of the TMC2208 and how those two options could affect the installation process and final result? Thank you very much! :)

thank you for the kind words Giuseppe :)
I have an UART version because it wasn't much more expensive