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My Top upgrades

Part Impact Most impact on... Value for money
Dragon Mosquito style hot-end Print quality
E3D v6 PTFE-Lining 24V Print quality
Glass bed + BL Touch Perfect first layer + adhesion
Direct Drive + BMG + pancake motor Print quality, retraction control
Linear Rails Stability, rigidity
Linear Rails without Dual-Z Print quality
Linear Rails with Dual-Z Print quality
SKR 1.3 Control Board 32bit + quiet fans Slience
Raspberry pi + Octoprint + Klipper Control print jobs

Prusa Slicer settings

Laser engraving Instagram

Parts and settings
  • NEJE Master 3500mW
  • Custom 32bit STM32 board with TMC2209
  • LightBurn software
  • Speed: Fill 12.5mm/s, line 8mm/s, acceleration: 800mm/s2


Is the dragon hot end worth the extra over the v6? What's the best £100 worth of upgrades?

Yes, for me Dragon is much better than v6.

Where is your power supply located?

My power supply is hidden in the closet

Cześć, czy zmieniając silnik ekstrudera na mniejszy zmieniałeś napięcia?

Tak, dałem mniej ale to zależy od silnika jaki dasz. Zwracaj uwagę by się zbyt mocno nie grzał.

Great website. Very well done - would you be able to put a total amount spent on the whole project somewhere on the page?

Hi, hard to say because the modifications lasted over a year and I used various promotions. I think easy over the cost of the new ender 3

Awesome work man! Just a few questions, do you use a different motherboard when doing laser engraving? If yes, can you please share the link? And lastly, do you use a killer switch for the laser?

Hi, thanks! Yes, I use different motherboard for laser but I dont have any link for it. It is my brother's individual design and cannot be purchased. And no, I dont have a killer switch for the laser.

Do u find the replacement springs under ur heated bed useful?

Not really. Silicone spacers are so much better

Witam ponownie, ostatnio przestawiłem się na klippera i widzę że ma Pan podobną konfigurację drukarki do mojej. Mógłby się Pan podzielić plikiem printer.cfg?

Cześć, podeślij mi maila, odeślę config