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My Top upgrades

Part Impact Most impact on... Value for money
Dragon Mosquito style hot-end Print quality
E3D v6 PTFE-Lining 24V Print quality
Glass bed + BL Touch Perfect first layer + adhesion
Direct Drive + BMG + pancake motor Print quality, retraction control
Linear Rails Stability, rigidity
Linear Rails without Dual-Z Print quality
Linear Rails with Dual-Z Print quality
SKR 1.3 Control Board 32bit + quiet fans Slience
Raspberry pi + Octoprint + Klipper Control print jobs

Prusa Slicer settings

Laser engraving Instagram

Parts and settings
  • NEJE Master 3500mW
  • Custom 32bit STM32 board with TMC2209
  • LightBurn software
  • Speed: Fill 12.5mm/s, line 8mm/s, acceleration: 800mm/s2


Can you please make your setup available (klipper config, slicer profiles)? With my ender I see really good layer consistency with small objects, but the bigger the object . the more shifted different layers get. Do you have any idea what might be the cause?
Also, I'm not sure about your mods scoring system: is adding dual Z rods worth it without changing to linear rails system as well?

Hi, send me an email and I will send you the config :) Did you already do any modifications?
I didn't have a dual Z without linear rails so I dont know if it is worth

jest mozliwosc dostania configu do klippera?

Tak, wysłałem już na maila

Hi guys, I had a mail server crash and did not receive messages about new posts. If you have any questions please ask them again, sorry for the inconvenience

Cześć, na jakich parametrach drukowałeś Batmana?
Widzę, że dysz 0.5 a wysokość warstwy? Wygląda świetnie, chce spróbować wydrukować ten model na Prusie i tym samym filamencie

Hi, what voltage you are running to hotend 24 or 12v?

Can you explain the 0 extrusion widths in the slicer settings?

Hey can you link the entire hotend setup? like what duct did you use? I'm using a mount by PrecisePrinterParts.com that goes on the dragon and mounts it like a mk8/10