Can you please make your setup available (klipper config, slicer profiles)? With my ender I see really good layer consistency with small objects, but the bigger the object . the more shifted different layers get. Do you have any idea what might be the cause?
Also, I'm not sure about your mods scoring system: is adding dual Z rods worth it without changing to linear rails system as well?

Hi, send me an email and I will send you the config :) Did you already do any modifications?
I didn't have a dual Z without linear rails so I dont know if it is worth

jest mozliwosc dostania configu do klippera?

Tak, wysłałem już na maila

Hi guys, I had a mail server crash and did not receive messages about new posts. If you have any questions please ask them again, sorry for the inconvenience

Cześć, na jakich parametrach drukowałeś Batmana?
Widzę, że dysz 0.5 a wysokość warstwy? Wygląda świetnie, chce spróbować wydrukować ten model na Prusie i tym samym filamencie

Hi, what voltage you are running to hotend 24 or 12v?

Can you explain the 0 extrusion widths in the slicer settings?

Hey can you link the entire hotend setup? like what duct did you use? I'm using a mount by that goes on the dragon and mounts it like a mk8/10

Hi, why You reduce dual 5150 duct to single?

Can you controll the fan speed of the 50 15 sunon you recommend in Klipper? I have a 4020 sunon which I can not. So for example can you run it at 50% or 20% fan speed?

Hey i am using 4020 Sunon Maglev at the moment but i cant controlle the fan speed in klipper. Because the Fan does not support it. is the 5015 controlleably in klipper ?

Cześć, możesz podesłać kilka fotek/informacji jak zamontowałeś laser na petsfangu?

Is the dragon hot end worth the extra over the v6? What's the best £100 worth of upgrades?

Yes, for me Dragon is much better than v6.

Where is your power supply located?

My power supply is hidden in the closet

Cześć, czy zmieniając silnik ekstrudera na mniejszy zmieniałeś napięcia?

Tak, dałem mniej ale to zależy od silnika jaki dasz. Zwracaj uwagę by się zbyt mocno nie grzał.

Great website. Very well done - would you be able to put a total amount spent on the whole project somewhere on the page?

Hi, hard to say because the modifications lasted over a year and I used various promotions. I think easy over the cost of the new ender 3

Awesome work man! Just a few questions, do you use a different motherboard when doing laser engraving? If yes, can you please share the link? And lastly, do you use a killer switch for the laser?

Hi, thanks! Yes, I use different motherboard for laser but I dont have any link for it. It is my brother's individual design and cannot be purchased. And no, I dont have a killer switch for the laser.

Do u find the replacement springs under ur heated bed useful?

Not really. Silicone spacers are so much better

Witam ponownie, ostatnio przestawiłem się na klippera i widzę że ma Pan podobną konfigurację drukarki do mojej. Mógłby się Pan podzielić plikiem printer.cfg?

Cześć, podeślij mi maila, odeślę config

Lovely stuff.

Hey great setup you got there. I just ordered a Dragon hotend so that I can print higher temperature plastics but also because I really like their engineering combining the mosquito and the v6. Have you had any experience printing more exotic filaments? Also I read it is preferable to mount it without the v6 adapter that it comes with so that is more reliable. Have you tried different mounts? Keep up the good work.

Hello Michael, thanks :) From exotic filaments I printed only PP (Polypropylene) and there were no problems. For dragon i used all parts, you can see second picture in gallery. And I'm glad you bought it - you will be very happy with it :)

Hi! Cool site, thanks for sharing :)

I am new to 3d printing and am trying to set up the dragon hotend to bmg clone direct. I am having trouble with the ptfe tube that goes into the hotend and meets with the bmg. I'm not sure if i just have a wierd clkne but mine has the v6 adapter slot and where the ptfe tube is supposed to be seated is a countersink/bore(not sure if I am using correct term) that is smaller than the ptfe tubing. I belive the tube OD is 4mm and this is 3mm? If you could share how you installed yours and length of ptfe used that would be a great help to me and I am sure other people who have no experience or just need help. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome thanks for sharing your brilliant work

Congratulations on such a great job done to your printer and thank you for making the information about it open, it inspired me to attempt some upgrades to my own printer! If I may ask, did you go for the DIY or UART version of the TMC2208 and how those two options could affect the installation process and final result? Thank you very much! :)

thank you for the kind words Giuseppe :) I have an UART version because it wasn't much more expensive

What a wonderfully pleasant online resource for a 3d Printer im just getting started using. Worked on my settings and half dialled it in (waiting on skr mini e3 v2 with upgraded marlin rather than upgrade the stock board) and ready now to print some nice upgrades, so this resource is ideal! Thank You, and nice website, well composed!

Hi, Sadly not sure how to reply to your comment so I have started a new posting, sorry if I clutter you site this way. Regarding the PTFE vs ALL metal indeed that was what I had found on the site of Trianglelabs. So I was looking into that one, but the main reason why I am considering the V6 is because while I print most in PLA each time I print in PETG (ABS not even tried yet because of the magnetic bed of the ender 3 pro) I get clogs. Will the V6 PTFE print ABS and PETG better than the stock? Wont the PTFE lining cause the same issues as the stock extruder? Also is the all metal problematic with PLA? Was the quality improvement of the V6 significant over the stock extruder? How (better quality less clogs?) did you notice this? Regarding the Linear rails, do you have instructions on how you installed them? For the bed you need new frame right? I must say when I see your upgrades is hard to contain myself and not order all the stuff. :) For now I decided only to do the upgrades (already have a SKR E3-mini V1.2 with Marlin 2.0.X, Filament Sensor, BL Touch and BMG mini extruder form Trianglelabs ) that are really a big improvement as I am planning to buy a second printer with a bigger print area (probably a Sapphire Plus because of the Core-XY). I saw you installed an extra 2208 for the extra Z rod. The E3-mini does not have the option to add stepper drivers, not sure if I can fit the second Z-rod with this board. And thanks again for the great info and quick responses! Regards, Fernando

No problem, only I can reply to comments :) v6 is much better than stock not only in terms of quality but also (if it is well installed) there is no clogs at all. Unfortunately I do not have much experience in PETG (only several prints) and ABS (in general) - throats are very cheap so I would suggest buying them all. I tested PTFE and Bore and it was also very good. if you buy a v6 from trianglelabs and nozzles from them then you will be really satisfied :) I don't have my instructions how to install Linear Rails. Everything you can find by clicking on projects on thingiverse. however, it is not easy and pleasant, you need a lot of time and patience :)

Hi Thanks again! I Followed your advise and ordered the V6 PTFE from triangle labs and an extra full metal heatbreak. Now I have to wait until half of June to test it. I Am planning on using it with the Bowden tube, not planning on implementing the direct drive. Maybe the linear rails, but those are a steep investment and as you said hard to implement. Regards, Fernando.

right, it shouldn't be lowercase. Look for the item (For stock board) Motor Parallel Module For Dual Z"

Hi, First of all, great site! 2 questions for now, I am planning on getting the V6 from triangle labs for my ender 3 Pro, but am not sure if I should go for the all metal or PTFE version. What do you recommend? and why? The other is the linear rails, are they worth the upgrade? Regards!

Hi Fernando, thanks :) if you print mainly PLA I suggest PTFE Lining. Check Trianglelabs v6 product page - there is a table describing why. I am very happy with the linear rails, Ender is now very stable and I do not have to worry about the rollers.

did you have to modify the SKR firmware for higher temps on the hot end? How about the thermocoupler for temp sensing?

Hi, I have klipper software (not marlin) so I only have one line with max_temp: 260 and that's enough for my needs.

Very well done site. I send it to a couple of friends with Enders as well. Thanks for sharing.

Witam, jaki początkowy i końcowy g-code Pan używa?

dość standardowy, jeśli chcesz dokładny kod to napisz maila do mnie, a podeślę.

Cześć, wziąłem się ostatnio za klippera, lecz okazało się, że po odpowiedniej konfiguracji mam jeszcze przed sobą milion innych problemów. Podzieliłbyś się swoim plikiem printer.cfg?

Tak, napisz do mnie maila

Hello again, For the E3D V6 why did you go for the PTFE lining one instead of the all-metal one. is there any specific reason?

yes because I print mainly in PLA and I read that all metal is problematic

Gratuluję maszyny, bardzo podoba mi się jakość zarówno print'ów jak i samego Endera. Dzięki za poradnik jakie upgrade'y masz. Czy mógłbyś może dodać jakieś zdjęcie jak hotend wygląda z bliska? Zastanawiałem się nad tą samą kombinacją jaką masz ty i nie jestem pewien jak Dragon + Klon BMG + Pancake pasują razem.

Dzięki :) Jedno zdjęcie z bliska na samego Dragona jest w galerii, natomiast zdjęcie całej kombinacji dragon + bmg + pakcake mam tylko jedno i znajdziesz je tutaj: Niestety nic lepszego nie mam :)

Cześć, napisz proszę na czym masz postawioną drukarkę? Tzn. widzę, że masz jakieś dodatkowe podkładki oprócz oryginalnych gumowych?

Są to podkładki tłumiące drgania (stosowane pod lodówkę czy pralkę), konkretnie firmy Artflex ale obojętnie jakie będą ok.

Where did you move the power supply? I'm about to go dual Z and not sure where to move it. Also thinking about the Dragon hotend, just not sure if it's worth it. Not having any issues with V6+BMG but I love upgrading lol. Have you thought about going to 0.9 stepper motors?

My power supply is hidden under the printer in a cabinet. If you are happy with e3d v6 do not change immediately, wait until the price drops :) About .9 stepper motors I have no opinion.

Hej, jak z temperaturami na silniku pancake z przełożeniem?

W normie, nie grzeje się w ogóle

You talk a lot about the E3D V6. What do you think the main problems are with the stock hotend. Layer inconsistency? PTFE Lining? or too low max temperature?

I think everything you mentioned. it isn't a good hotend and has many problems. e3d v6 offers many more possibilities, it is a tested product and has very good support (a lot of projects) of course it's best to buy the original one but the trianglelabs clone is very good

Do you think the petsfang duct improves quality? A youtube named Chep says it doesn't improve it that much.

if we compare with stock, yes I think it improves quality (even more with e3d v6)

Czesc, podzielilbys sie swoim profilem pod PrusaSlicer? :)

dodałem ustawienia mojego slicera powyżej :)

What is your print speed?

depends on the model but I print rather slowly 60mm-90mm/s

Feel free to write a few words :)